Monday, December 26, 2005

Info: New Invention in Science and Technology

Europe's Galileo Project

I have just read the news in BBC on-line about new invention in science and technology in Europe. Do you know what is that? Europe has had its own satellite-navigation system, namely GALILEO. Can you imagine that? It has five services i.e. open access, commercial, safety of life, public regulated, and also for SAR. Here is the article that I pick up from BBC on-line.

Q&A: Europe's Galileo project
By Jonathan Amos
BBC News science reporter

Europe is building its own satellite-navigation system called Galileo. BBC News looks at why such a network is deemed necessary when we already have the US Global Positioning System (GPS).

What is Galileo?

Galileo will be a global network of 30 satellites providing precise timing and location information to users on the ground and in the air. It is costing some 3.4bn euros (£2.3bn; $4bn) of public and private investment and represents the biggest space project yet undertaken in Europe.

Galileo's first demonstrator spacecraft is being launched on 28 December; a second platform will follow in the New Year. They will trial the in-orbit technologies needed to run the system. These include atomic clocks, the heart of any global positioning system.

If all goes according to plan, a full constellation of Galileo satellites will be in operation by the end of 2010.

Why does Europe want Galileo?

On an important level, Galileo is a political project.

Like Airbus and the Ariane rocket programme, the new sat-nav system will assert Europe's independence. It will give EU countries guaranteed access to a service that is currently provided by a foreign (US) power.

GPS is a military-run programme; its signals can be degraded or switched off. Yes, the service is free, but its continuity and quality come with no guarantees - which means it cannot be relied upon, certainly not for safety-of-life applications such as landing planes and controlling trains.

Galileo will be a civil system. It will be run by a private consortium and will offer guaranteed levels of service.

How will Galileo differ from GPS?

As brilliant as GPS is, its accuracy and availability can on occasions leave a lot to be desired, as anyone who has a receiver will know. Sometimes it can be very difficult to get a fix and the accuracy can drift out to 10m or more.

The new Galileo system will offer five service levels (see below) and bring a step-change in performance. Since the first GPS satellite was launched in the late 1970s, sat-nav technology has evolved enormously.

Galileo should offer greater accuracy - down to a metre and less; greater penetration - in urban centres, inside buildings, and under trees; and a faster fix.

The Galileo system will also come with an "integrity" component - it will be able to tell users if there are major errors that could compromise performance.

Users will also benefit enormously from the agreement between Europe and the US to make their sat-nav systems compatible and "interoperable". That is, future receivers will be able to get a fix using satellites from either constellation.

And when the US introduces the next generation of GPS, users will see a further jump in performance.

What will Galileo be used for?

The central component of sat-nav is precise timing. The atomic clocks flown on the spacecraft keep near-perfect time, equivalent to the theoretical loss of one second over several thousand years.

This precision timing already plays a fundamental but often neglected role not just in navigation, but also in electricity distribution, the functioning of email and the internet, and in the security of financial transactions.

Galileo's improved clocks - their precision is 10 times better than current space-qualified clocks - will deepen and extend this role.

The better penetration, accuracy and guarantees of service should also give many more entrepreneurs the confidence to build business plans around sat-nav.

With sat-nav capability increasingly incorporated into mobile devices, there is likely to be an explosion in new applications. Many of these will be quite novel and unexpected uses for sat-nav.

Nonetheless, the transport sector will obviously be a big beneficiary. Industry will derive major efficiency gains through better management of supply chains and haulage fleets.

Galileo will deliver the tools national governments need to introduce wide-scale road charging.

Galileo will also underpin Europe's new air-traffic control system. The single European sky initiative will overhaul current technologies used to keep planes at safe separations, and allow pilots to fly their own routes and altitudes.

Is Galileo worth the cost?

Europe's member states have had reservations about the cost from the outset - and, in particular, the uncertainties that exist about what the precise end cost will be.

This prompted one sceptic to dub Galileo the "common agricultural policy of the sky".

There is also debate about the true scale of the revenue opportunities available. Who will want to pay for Galileo-enhanced services and how much will they be prepared to pay?

GPS was built at considerable cost by the US taxpayer but the returns for the American economy mean that investment has been repaid many times over.

All of Europe's big aerospace companies have been attracted to the Galileo project because they believe similar, if not better, returns can be achieved with an improved system.

Analyst forecasts talk of more than 100,000 new jobs being created in Europe, with eventually billions of sat-nav users worldwide generating revenues that are in the order of tens of billions of euros each year.



1. Open Access: This will be 'free to air' and for use by the mass market; Simple timing and positioning down to 1m

2. Commercial Encrypted; High accuracy at the cm scale; Guaranteed service for which service providers will charge fees

3. Safety of life Open service; For applications where guaranteed accuracy is essential; Integrity messages warn of errors

4. Public regulated Encrypted; Continuous availability even in time of crisis; Government agencies will be main users

5. Search and Rescue System will pick up distress beacon locations; Feasible to send feedback, confirming help is on its way

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One Year Goes on...

World commemorates Tsunami Anniversary

One year has gone after the big waves Tsunami destroyed some parts of this world, especially Asia. Most of the country in this world commemorated this event. In Indonesia, for example, the president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono comes to Aceh, Indonesia (the worst part because of Tsunami)to commemorates it and to visit the survivors of it. As I read in Liputan 6 on-line, he visits the rehabilitation and reconstruction center in Ulee Lheue. I think It's not bad as it means that my government (Indonesia) still pay attention to it though it's just visit and speaks to the survivors. But there's one thing that very interesting here. When the president comes, the reporter of SCTV (Liputan6 station), asks one of the citizens in Aceh, Huldipan. This survivor, who missed his wife and three children, says that he wishes he can live in his village, Ujung Karang, in peace. He also forced Indonesian government to reconstruct Aceh immediately, don't let it to be in uncertain condition like now. From his statement, I hope my beloved goverment can pay more attention to this case so that all the survivors of Tsunami in Aceh can live in smile.

To commemorate this event, I quote an article from BBC News which speak about the Tsunami event last year and also about what has been done for it in its one year commemoration. Here it is.

World marks tsunami anniversary
Countries around the Indian Ocean have begun commemorations marking one year since the tsunami which killed some 200,000 people.
In Indonesia, which was hardest hit, the province of Aceh observed a minute's silence at 0816 (0116 GMT) - the moment the first waves struck.

Sri Lanka's president led mourning at the site where a train was engulfed.

Hundreds of Swedes are among other Western mourners attending ceremonies in Thailand's beach resorts.

An earthquake off the Indonesian island of Sumatra, believed to be the second-biggest on record, sent giant waves thousands of kilometres across the ocean.

Countries as far apart as Malaysia and Somalia were affected.

Heaviest losses

Aceh was closest to the epicentre of the earthquake and a third of the total number of people who died across the region died there.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called the minute's silence at a ceremony on a jetty outside the city of Banda Aceh, where around 1,000 invited guests sat in front of a specially erected stage.

A haunting recitation from the Koran opened the commemorations, the BBC's Rachel Harvey reports - then a siren rang out across the flattened landscape, marking the moment when the first wave struck.

The president paid tribute to those who had tried to rebuild their lives over the past year, saying they were a reminder that "life is worth struggling for".

In Sri Lanka, President Mahinda Rajapakse led a tribute in the southern village of Peraliya, where a train was swept off the tracks by the waves with the loss of at least 1,000 lives.

After a two-minute silence at 0930 (0330 GMT) - the time the tsunami struck - the president unveiled a monument to the country's 31,000 dead.

Local Buddhist monks were preparing for a day of chanting while butchers hung up their knives in a sign of respect for all life, an Associated Press correspondent reports.

Emotional return

Thousands of people have been taking part in commemorations in Thailand on a stretch of coast known as Khao Lak.

We have to accept that in the event of a repeat it is impossible to out run these waves. (William Swithin)

The official death toll there stands at 5,395 - two-fifths of them foreign tourists including 126 Britons and 543 Swedes, making the Scandinavian country the worst affected state outside the region.

"I think you need to come back," Swedish survivor Pigge Werkelin, who lost his two young sons and his wife in the disaster, told Reuters news agency.

"You need to go to the beach, you have to see children on the beach, you have to see everything... I must do it and then afterward I can put it behind me."

One ceremony in Khao Lak was taking place in the shadow of a Thai marine police boat which was plucked out of the sea by the tsunami and dumped hundreds of metres inland.

Mourners, local and foreign, were laying white flowers on an altar towering above the crowd - a symbol, they say, that the Thai people stand tall in the face of this disaster and are now ready to move on.

Aid model

Around 1.5m people were left homeless in the region after the wall of water stripped away trees, houses and whole communities, and reconstruction could take between five years and a decade.

But just as the scale of the devastation was shocking, the BBC's Catherine Davis notes, so the international response was unprecedented.

The United Nations says it was the most generous and most immediately funded emergency relief effort.

About $12 billion is estimated to have been raised and the massive aid effort has also acted as a test case for how the international community responds to disasters.

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Info: Migraine Causes Stroke?

ASA: Migraine Linked to Increased Stroke in Young People
By Peggy Peck, Managing Editor, MedPage Today
Reviewed by Zalman S. Agus, MD; Emeritus Professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.
February 03, 2005
Also covered by: MSNBC


Preliminary results from the Stroke Prevention in Young Women study and a case control study from Italy confirm previous studies and suggest that migraine headaches are associated with increased risk of stroke in persons age 49 or younger. The risk is independent of oral contraceptive use or smoking history, and may be greatest for young women (18-49) with migraine accompanied by visual disturbances.

At a news briefing sponsored by the American Stroke Association, Steven Kittner, MD, MPH, a researcher and investigator for the Baltimore VA Medical Center and a professor of neurology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, said that young women who have migraine with visual disturbance have a 25% to 70% higher risk for stroke than women who have no migraine headaches or women who have migraine without visual disturbances. "And the risk appears to be greatest for women who have some vision loss rather than women who have floaters or heat wave lines," he said.

A second study reported that migraine headaches are an independent risk factor for stroke in young people. Massimo Camerlingo, M.D., head of the neurologic unit at Policlinico San Marco in Osio Sotto, Italy said that migraine headaches are associated with 2.7 times greater risk for stroke among people in their 30s.

Kittner and his colleagues defined migraine patients as those who had five or more migraine headaches a year and migraine with aura was defined as patients who had two or more migraine headaches with visual disturbances during a year.

Camerlingo said that all of the patients who had migraine in his study "meet the criteria for migraine with aura," which Kittner said strengthens the case for migraine with aura as a risk factor.

Other significant findings in the women's study:

1. Stroke cases (n=542) were more likely to be hypertensive, diabetic, and smokers (all P<.05). 2. Women with migraine were more likely to be obese (P<.05). 3. Migraine with loss of vision was associated with 1.7 RR of stroke. Larry Goldstein, MD, a spokes person for the American Stroke Association, said in an interview that any person who experiences migraine with aura-especially new onset migraine with aura-"needs to be carefully evaluated to determine if it is true migraine or if there are other causes." Kittner seconded this recommendation noting that "any person without regard to age or gender who has new onset migraine with visual loss should have the symptoms investigated to rule out other medical conditions such as detached retina or TIA." Kittner said that persons with migraine-especially young women-should also "stop smoking, make sure their blood pressure is well controlled, eat a healthy diet and exercise." Camerlingo said blood pressure control is especially important for migraine sufferers-in his study persons with high blood pressure and migraine had an almost 9-fold increase in stroke risk. Other significant findings from the Italian study: The logistic regression model retained migraine (odds ratio 2.70, 95% CI 1.66-4.41); Hypertension (OR 9.10, 95% CI 4.17-19.89); and cardiopathy (OR 31.94, 95% CI 4.15-238.73) as factors independently related to stroke. Noting that some studies have suggested that birth control pills may increase the risk of stroke, "I suggest that women who have migraine should discuss the use of oral contraceptives with their physician. If they develop visual symptoms with migraine, they should discuss it again," Kittner said. Primary source: American Stroke Association International Conference 2005 Abstracts 320 and 338

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Music: Download from Warner

Download probe subpoenas Warner

US authorities have ordered Warner Music to give evidence to an investigation into the price of digital music downloads.
Warner said it was "co-operating fully" with the investigation by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.

The US music industry has been criticised recently for considering increasing the cost of digital music.

The New York Attorney General's Office was not available to comment on the nature or scope of the investigation.

The amount consumers have to pay for music downloads has been a matter of fierce debate.

On Apple's iTunes service, US consumers pay 99 cents (57 pence) for each track. But record labels have indicated that they want to charge differing sums for each song.

In September, Warner chief executive Edgar Bronfman told investors that "not all songs are created equal".

"There are some songs for which consumers would be willing to pay more and some we'd be willing to sell for less," he said.

But Apple chief executive Steve Jobs has called the music industry's stance "greedy", warning any price hike could drive consumers to piracy.

Last month, Warner agreed to pay $5 million (£2.88m) to settle a separate probe into "pay-to-play" practices. The company had been accused of giving radio stations incentives to play songs.

Song BMG paid $10 million (£5.77m) in connection with the same investigation, while Universal and EMI have not yet settled.

Source: BBC News

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Info: Mobile for Deaf People

Real-time texting for deaf people
Geoff Adams-Spink
BBC News website age & disability correspondent

Software has been developed which enables deaf people to have real-time text conversations using a mobile phone.

But the charity that has created the service says some mobile operators have yet to fulfil a legal obligation to make their services accessible.

The Royal National Institute for Deaf people (RNID) says only Vodafone has a relay service that uses the technology.

Landline users can already make such calls using the Typetalk facility.

Relay services allow a deaf person to make and receive a call via an operator, who turns the voice part of the conversation into text and relays the deaf person's text replies into speech.

Pressure on operators

The RNID's new software effectively extends the facility to people using mobile phones which are now an everyday part of most people's lives.

The charity says it will dramatically improve the ability of deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people to communicate in real-time.

Compatible handsets
Nokia Communicator 9210
Nokia Communicator 9300
Nokia Communicator 9500
Nokia 6822
Sony Ericsson P900
Sony Ericsson P910
Mobile network operators are now being urged to provide the software for their customers.

The application can be used on any modern mobile handset, and allows character by character text communication of unlimited duration.

"It has taken innovation in the voluntary sector to deliver this software," said RNID new technologies director, Guido Gybels.

"It's now time for operators to make sure that all their customers can access real-time text communication."

The RNID says that with more than 57m mobile phone subscribers in the UK, they are now an essential tool for anyone who wants to be a fully enabled citizen.

Like Vodafone customers, BT Mobile subscribers already have access to a text relay service which uses the RNID's technology.

BT Mobile says the Nokia Communicator 9210 is one of a number of compatible handsets.

T-Mobile says it already has a text relay service.

"Customers can use the RNID Typetalk service with BT's Relay Assist," a T-Mobile spokesperson said.

The company says it has recently launched an enhanced service which enables customers to make real time text/voice calls.

Additional hardware

O2 says its subscribers can access the BT text relay service with the addition of a portable text phone that connects to their mobile handset.

One such device is the Textlink 9100 made by Sensory Communications.

Weighing more than 500g, this may well be taken on holidays or business trips but a deaf person is unlikely to take it with them to the pub.

A company spokesperson said O2 was committed to improving accessibility, already offering a range of mobiles with "qwerty" keyboards.

"We comply with our regulatory obligations and continue to research new features and services," the spokesperson said.

Orange customers also have access to a relay service, something the company introduced just over a year ago.

But like O2, people wanting to make voice/text calls need to use additional hardware.

One of the key advantages of this, according to Orange, is that it has a larger keyboard than would normally be found on a mobile phone.

Orange says it has investigated a number of potential options - including the RNID's - but prefers to stick with the existing technology for the time being.

Source: BBC News

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Tips: What Is Good Diet?

High-veg diet 'wards off cancer'

Eating at least five portions a day of certain fruit and vegetables could cut the risk of developing pancreatic cancer by 50%, US researchers believe.
Onions, garlic, beans, carrots, corn, dark leafy vegetables and citrus fruits were among the most protective foods, according to the study.

A University of California team compared the diets of 2,200 people.

Cancer experts said previous studies had revealed similar findings, but more research was still needed.

More than 10,000 people die each year in the UK from pancreatic cancer. It remains largely untreatable, with the five-year survival rate at under 3%.

Dark leafy vegetables
Sweet potatoes
Citrus fruits

The report, published in the Cancer, Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention journal, said eating five portions daily of the most protective vegetables cuts the risk in half.

Or it said eating any nine fruit or vegetables could have the same effect.

Raw vegetables were found to be more protective than cooked ones, the study said after conducting interviews with 532 people with the cancer, and 1,700 people who did not have the disease.

But researchers acknowledged the results may have been influenced by food which may often be eaten with the vegetables.

Report co-author Elizabeth Holly said: "Pancreatic cancer is not nearly as common as breast or lung cancer, but its diagnosis and treatment are particularly difficult.

"Finding strong confirmation that simple life choices can provide significant protection from pancreatic cancer may be one of the most practical ways to reduce the incidence of this dreadful disease."

Dr Julie Sharp, cancer information officer at Cancer Research UK, said: "Previous research has implied that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables may help to prevent pancreatic cancer.

"This research adds to these findings, but large-scale studies are vital to confirm whether fruit and vegetables really have an effect on pancreatic cancer risk."

And she added other lifestyle factors, such as smoking, also played a key role.

Source: BBC News

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3. Cancer Research of UK
4. American Association for Cancer Research

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Friday, December 23, 2005

Info: Elton John's "matrimonial" Wedding

Sir Elton John's mother of all wedding ceremonies!
Asian News International
Washington, December 12, 2005

Sir Elton John's wedding plans may no longer be a low-key affair as he and partner David Furnish had previously decided, as the legendary singer now wants his marriage to be one of the most majestic and spectacular ceremonies ever seen.

The couple, who plan to get married on December 21 at the Guildhall in Windsor, have reportedly replaced James, the man previously behind Elton's spectacular balls, with the British royal family's party organiser, Peregrine Armstrong Jones, who also planned David and Victoria Beckham's nuptials in 1999, in order to turn their auspicious day into the showbiz wedding of the year.

"Matt is the ultimate professional, but the plans for the wedding have changed so much," Ratethemusic quoted a close friend of the pair, as saying.

"They all decided it wasn't working out," the friend added.

Source: Hindustan Times

If you want to know more, click this following links:
1. BBC News
4. Yahoo! News

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Tips: Setting Limits with Friends

Setting Limits with Friends

If you have long-term feelings of resentment, anger, manipulation, being treated as unimportant, you probably need to set some limits in your friend ship.

Sometimes, we always think “Should I say this to him/her? Is it not seem that I will underestimate him/her? If I tell it, I’ worry that he/she will be angry and break our relationship. Such questions are always appear in the human relationship.

The phenomenon above are always happen in our life, especially in relationship circumstance. To prevent it, we must set a limit between our relatives and us. All relationships need limit whether they are friendships, sibling relations, mates/lovers, business relation, etc.

Limit setting is difficult because people mistake it for rejection. However, limits mean that you care enough not to get entangled in your friends, lovers, sibling’s problems; you care enough not to take care of him/her.

Here are the five steps to setting limits which I take from Hindustan Times, dated 22nd December 2005:

1. Choosing to set limits,
You will tolerate a difficult relationship situation as long as you choose to tolerate it. You are the one choosing to set boundaries in place.

2. Identify the source of your feelings,
It often takes some real soul-searching on your part to figure out the source of your anger or resentment.

3. Decide where to set the limits,
Consider you time, emotions and means. Then consider whether you are helping the other person or merely allowing him/her to avoid or postpone his own problem solving. Aim to do something to help the other person without taking on the whole problem.

4. Express the limit clearly,
For example, you say to your friend, “I will loan you up to $150 once in three months. And I expect each loan to be repaid within three months and certainly before you can borrow more.”

5. Stick to your limits.
You are not responsible for making the other person ‘obey’ the limits. You are only responsible for following the limits yourself and for reinforcing them.

In another instance, if your friend has repaid $75 of his/her own $150 loan and asks for $50 more, you say ‘no’. He/she gets emotional then say, “Well, just loan me the $50 again. I need this money to cover a bad check. If you cared for our friendship, you would do it.”

Again, you say ‘no’, not because you don’t care for him/her but because you do. You are forcing your friend to detach him/herself from dependence on you because you care.

Limit setting is often stressful and painful. It will probably give you an intimidating sense of aloofness. Limit setting inevitably brings quilt. Bear in mind, it doesn’t mean you have deserted or quit loving your friend, lover or sibling. It doesn’t mean you are expressing that love in a different and more helpful (to both of you) manner.

Setting limits is a challenging task at a work; it often seems an insurmountable task when love is involved. However, like all people skills, setting limit is a process that gets easier with practice.

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Relationship: Quiz ‘n’ Check

Is it to call off the relationship?

The first few weeks of any relationship are always the best bit-filled with laughter, sexual sparks and many “firsts”. Then, all of a sudden, the other person’s fault are all that’s left to discover. Know the feeling? Try to answer these following questions:

1. Where do you stand on the issue of cheating?
A. I would never cheat: It’s wrong.
B. I considered it but would end my current relationship first.
C. Would cheat it, if the right person care along.

2. Do you see yourself with the person in the long term?
A. Yes, I want them in my life forever.
B. Nope, but I’m having fun at the moment.
C. Definitely not, but I’m scared to hurt their feelings.

3. Does your partner make an effort with your friends?
A. Yes, they always make an effort.
B. Sometimes, but I try to keep my mates and my partner apart.
C. No, and they hate him/her for it.

4. Do you ever feel like your relationship or partner holds you back?
A. No, my partner helps me achieve everything I want.
B. Sometimes, I can’t do everything I want anymore.
C. Yes, I had dreams and goals which I wanted to achieve, he/she never gave up theirs’ thought.

5. Do you feel that your relationship is ‘evolving’?
A. Yes, we’re getting more serious and we trust each other.
B. Sometimes I feel like it is, other times not.
C. I feel like we’re going backwards.

6. Do you find their “little habits” are no longer cute, just very annoying?
A. No, I love their little quirks!
B. They can be a bit annoying.
C. Yes, I find myself wanting to tear their head off ten times a day!

7. Do you trust your partner?
A. Yes, 100 percent.
B. Most of the time.
C. Always worried about where they are.

Mostly As:
You have a very strong relationship with your partner which is fantastic! It’s a healthy, supportive bond and we suggest you enjoy your time together and possibly take it to the next level.

Mostly Bs:
You should re-evaluate your relationship and think “Is this really what I want?” Ending the relationship may be too hasty, but something has to change if you want to save it. It’s time to be honest with yourself _are you scared of being single?

Mostly Cs:
DUMP! Dump! Dump! Do yourself a favor and call it quits so that both of you can get on with your lives.

Source: Hindustan Times, 22nd December 2005

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Info: Post-graduate in child rights, JMI

Jamia offers post-graduate diploma in child rights

With child rights emerging as an area of concern, Jamia Millia Islamia has now announced a post-graduate diploma course in child rights.

To be conducted by the university's Department of Social Work, applications for the course are available on the Jamia website. Aimed at graduates working in the field of social work, the one-year-long course will cover topics like children and society, situational analysis of children in South Asia, policies and laws concerning children and methods of working with children among others.

Having introduced quite a few new courses in the past including some career-oriented ones, Jamia is hoping to strengthen its social science department by adding new courses that deal with social issues but are career-oriented and not just academic at the same time.

The last date for applying for the course is December 23, with the entrance examination to be held on December 30.


The Bio-informatics Institute of India (BII) has announced admissions to a new postgraduate programmes in pharma quality assurance and quality control. A specialised programmed designed to educate professionals in the industry about quality control, the course will cover topics like WHO good manufacturing practices inspection, hazard and risk analysis, international trade ain pharmaceuticals, quality standards, quality management, auditing, statistical quality control and WHO certification, pharma regulation and practices among other things.

Students with a bachelor's degree in any discipline are eligible to apply for the one-year course and can submit their application along with the necessary documents at the Institute's Noida office. Application forms are available at BBI website.

The Institute has also announced admissions for the next batch of the one-year postgraduate course in bioinformatics. Classes are taken by an expert faculty daily with tests being conducted regularly.

Any student with a bachelor's degree in sciences, medicine, pharmaceutics, chemistry, botany, zoology, physics, mathematics, computer science, pharmacology, pharmacy, agriculture, biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology or with any other relevant qualification is eligible for the course. The last date for submitting application is January 10.


Emphasising the need to cultivate a creative, inventive and innovative aptitude among management students, University Grants Commission Chairman V.N.Rajashekharan Pillai has said that understanding of the Information Age and its ramifications is of paramount importance for prospective high quality managers.

Speaking at the convocation of the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI), the UGC chairman said business schools should focus on producing global mind-sets and developing links with the B-Schools overseas. With globalisation causing a paradigm shift in management education in India, Mr. Pillai said management students would have to learn the value of brand and intellectual property and patents to drive corporate growth.

Noting that people skills were becoming paramount in management education, Mr. Pillai said leadership, team work, entrepreneurship, risk-taking and conflict management, service orientation and changed mind-set were emerging as the centrepiece of curriculum for imparting effective management education in this fast changing world.

While 2,430 students were given their charters, medals and awards at the Convocation, 172 students received their Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charters. A total of 1,717 students of the ICFAI Business School also received their MBA certificates.

- Lakshmi B. Ghosh

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Story: Psychopath and Library (5)

By: Yunita Ramadhana

“Is it Sammy, right?” Soni says.
“It isn’t sure,” I reply. “An, what did you say just now, it is not clear. What does happen after that night?”
“Heh? There’s nothing happen. Ok, I must go home now, is it ok?” she asks and steals a glance at Soni
“Not join with us?”
“No, thanks. I drive my own car.”
“An, your earing is so cool, is it fashion?”
“Yeah...metropolitan style,” she replies with face in red. “Ok, I go now, bye...”
Anti moves to the car park while Soni is still looking at Anti, very sharp without blinking.

“Hellooo...are you there? What’s wrong with you? Attracted hah?” I ask.
“Not bad, I like her.”
“Men are men! If you’re attracted to her, I’ll convey your regards.”
“Really??? I love it”
Soni and I get in to his car. He drives it in medial speed, breaks the night which is so dark and cool, lighted by moon and stars. Finally, we reach my home. I ask him to stay for a while, but he refuses as he must pick his mothers up from the Mall near our campus.

Tuesday, 18th September 2003...
My campus is so lonely today, not as usual. I see a crowd at the notice board of my faculty. What’s up? I walk a little fast to the board. Oh my God... Anti? It’s impossible, she is fine yesterday. It is noticed that she was found in death in her room with some stabs at her stomach. Not far from her corpse, it was found a letter sounds “my earings... S...”, but it is broken on the “S”. She can’t finish it. I predicts that the ‘S’ is the initial of the doer. I leave the board, and keep thinking who is the murder. Is he? Sammy? I remind of the incident yesterday in which I saw he always keep looking at Anti’s earing. Oh must be true. But where’s the prove? In that letter, it just write ‘S’ and it’s not absolute that it is the initial of the doer. But, if Sammy is the murder, why did he not do it in library? He always do it there. Moreover, Anti is not a new comer, but how about the stabs? Does it because of she also comes from Surabaya? Thousands questions appears in my mind, who is he? My head becomes dizzy because of that. Is it because of Anti knows something that she never reveals to me? I remind of what she had said to me last night, “After that night...” It’s absolutely because she knows something.
“Joe,” Soni calls me.
“Yope,” I reply.
“Have you heard the news about Anti?”
“Sure. Poor Anti, I know that you are...” I stop it and look at Soni.
“It’s OK, maybe it’s my destiny.”
“Don’t be so sad, there’s so many others out there,” I reply, trying to make him tough, though inside of my heart I feel so sorry because of that.
“Thanks Joe,” he says sadly.
While on the other side, there’s a man wearing a hat is looking sharply at Joe.

Tuesday, 25th September 2003...
One week has passed since that time. The police have not found the murder yet. He’s really a psychopath. I still convince that Sammy is the man, as I never saw him for a week. Same with Sammy, Soni also didn’t come for one week, maybe he gets shock; besides, he has to go for his cousin wedding party. I feel so lonely. To entertain myself, I fill my days by reading some books in library. There’s nothing to be afraid now as Sammy is not here.

It’s almost 6.00 p.m. now. I’ve been in this place for three hours as the lecturer who should take the class can’t come. Alas! I have to go now, but just a little bit in rest, it must finished now. One hour has gone, but there’s still one book that I have to summarize. It’s better if I borrow it as it’s already 7.00 p.m! It seems so dark outside. I go to Mrs. Santi and give my card together with the book which I want to borrow. I see around the room, there’re only five people here. I stop my eyes at a table in the corner. I see a figure who I know very well, and then open my eyes widely... Oh my God!’s Sammy! He’s come! What should I do now? I try to relax. Calm down Joe, you will go home soon, I speak to myself.
“What are you looking Joe? You seem so serious. I called you many times,” Mrs. Santi’s voice has broken my mind.
“Eer..eer..nothing. Is it something wrong mam?”
“Nope, I just want to ask you what date is today.”
“Oh, it is 25th September,” I reply.

What? 25th September? I feel so surprise. That’s...that’s...that’s the date when the terrible incident was happened. Oh God...please help me, please save my soul, I don’t want to be the next, I pray.
“Here’s the book Joe. You must return it next week,” For the second times, she breaks my mind.
“ mam. I must go home now.”
“Be careful honey...” I see her smiling to me and shaking her head. I walk as fast as I can. Oh God... If I have the wings, I’ll fly to sky so I can get home soon_ I grumble. I walk so fast without taking attention around me, but suddenly... Buk!!!
“Soni? you here?” I say in bursts. “When did you come?”
“I came home today, at 5.00 p.m. I phone you, but your mom said that you’ve not gone home. So, I come here as based on my experience, you must be here. What’s wrong with you, you look so pale!”
“’s Sammy in the library,” I turn my face back. He’s already out from library! “He’s come, let’s go!” I command.
“Take it easy Joe, I’m with you now.”

I don’t care about what he’s said, I feel so afraid now. I hold his hand and walk very quickly to the parking area. From the corner of my eye, I see Sammy is walking behind us and as we do, he also walk very quickly trying to reach us. Happily, we reach it at last. Soni and I get in to the car. The night turns so dark and of course it makes me more afraid than before. I see Sammy stand frozenly seeing me and Soni in the car. Got you! You’re not success now!

Tomorrow morning, 26th September 2003...
The campus is very lonely today. There’s no people around the park of this campus. It’s not usual. Far away, there’s a crowd in front of notice board of faculty of Literature. Everyone who has seen it saying: Poor Joe... I feel so sorry about Joe, she’s very clever and generous... How poor you are Joe... It is written:
A female student named Joyce Anggraini (Joe), the third semester student, was found in death infront of the library’s door, with ten stabs around her chest and stomach.
Like three years ago, the police come, take over this case, and put the ‘police line’ around the library. They investigate Mrs. Santi. Hani, Joe’s best friend seems so sad because of her death and cries without stopping.

Meanwhile, in the other place of this faculty, there’re two men who talk each other. One of them wears hat as he always does; and the other is a very handsome man, with his tall and proporsional body. The man with hat seems so afraid, sitting at the room’s corner in full of regrets expression, while the one else is looking at him very sharp as if he will eat him alive.


JMI-New Delhi, INDIA
Monday, 21st November ‏2005

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Story: Psychopath and Library (4)

By: Yunita Ramadhana

“Oh...I see.”
“What’s wrong with you Joe? You look so pale.”
“Hhm? Nothing, maybe because of cold.” I don’t tell her that I was followed by Sammy. “Do you believe that he’s the murder?”
She keeps silent, no words come out from her.
“Hello?...What’re you thinking about? we’ve arrived.
“Oh ya? Thanks a lot. Do you mind if I go home together with you tomorrow?
“Of course not. I’ll be waiting tomorrow, bye...”

Monday, 17th September 2003...
Beautiful morning! The wind blows slowly touching my skin. It seems that the activities in this campus is running. I come earlier today. How a beautiful and nice morning, I thought. I’m very happy as nobody tails me around this week. That Sammy is the murder is maybe not true.
“Joe!” I hear loud voice calling me.
“Hi Son,” I see Soni is running towards me.
It’s almost one week since I and Soni became closer. He often accompanies me to library so that my frighten is gone whenever I should go home in late. He likes my best friend for me, as also with Anti and Hani.
“Why do you come so early today?”
“I wake up earlier this morning and there’s no traffic today, that’s why I come earlier.”
“Eehm... you’re going to library today?”
“Yope, preparing data for my paper. Join? Your paper has not complete also, right?”
“Yeah, but I can’t today. If you want, I can pick you up at 7.00 p.m as I have to take my mom to the Mall around here, want you?”
“Of course I want, but are you sure?”
“Definitely sure, you help me so much, it means nothing. So?”
“Ok, I wait at 7.00 p.m.”

Short in length, we reach the class; and as usual, all of my friend tease us when they see both of us walk side by side entering the class.
“Suit...suit... new couple has come.” I’m just smiling and ignoring them.
“Hi Han,” I speak to Hani who is reading a book.
“Hi Joe, both of you seem very closed today.”
“Ah you, don’t say like that, it’s nothing.”
“It’s ok if there’s something special,” she replies in a naughty smile.
“There’s nothing special Han, she’s just help me about my lesson, that’s it,” Soni supports my statement.
“I see...” she replies.

I hear foot step from outside. The clock shows 9.00 a.m. It is absolutely Mrs. Dewi. And apparently...
“Morning all...” she says and walk in to the class.
Our conversation is over. Fortunately, all the lessons are over at 2.30 p.m. I have much times to study in the library. I walk to the library and in the way I meet Anti.
“Joe! Going to library?”
“Yope, do you?”
“So do I. My friends say that there’s a new student, Soni, in your class and now you’re very closed. Is it true?”
“Yeah. He ask me to help him in getting the lesson. I’ll introduce him to you as he will pick me up at 7.00 p.m tonight, but if you mind.”
“Sure, I want to know what kind of man he is.”
“An, you’ve not answered my question last week.”
“Which one?”
“About the murder, do you believe it?”
“Ooh that one.” Anti says nothing for a while.
“Eeh Joe, we’ve arrived.” For a so-and-so times, the conversation is delayed.

There’re so many people who are reading seriously in this room. There’s no place anymore, but oops! I find it. There’s a table at the corner where Sammy used last week. I know it very well. But it’s ok, it’s better than nothing. Anti and I move there. It’s so silent. If there’s someone talks with, he or she will be chased. Because of reading very seriously, I do not realize that it’s already 6.50 p.m. Oh my God! I forget it, Soni will come soon.

“Anti, have you finished? Lets go home, Soni will come soon,” I speak to her confidentally.
“Sure, let’s go home,” she replies and takes her books. We walk to outside. It’s already dark.
“An, do you believe the rumours?” I ask her.
“Heh? About Sammy?”
“Do you?” I ask her once again.
“Mmm... In the first time, I don’t believe it as he’s a generous man. But when I think more further, I somewhat believe it,” she answers. And then, she is silent for a while.
“Do you believe it?”

From the opposite side, I see a man walk closer to us. At first I think he is Soni, but... that is Sammy!!! My beat heart turns so fast. He passes us and look at me very incisive. He also looks at Anti’s earing which is only one.
“An, that’s Sammy! You see him?”
“I do.”
“By the way, do you believe it?”
“Not at all, but after that night...”
“Joe,” a man voice shouts to us.
“Hi Son,” I reply. “Son, this is our senior Anti whom I tell to you.”
“Anti,” she saids and looks at Soni very closely.
“Soni. It’s Anti who makes you anxious about the mysterious murder in this campus, right?”
“Yope, and I quess she knows the suspection.”

(To be continued...)

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Story: Psychopath and Library (3)

By: Yunita Ramadhana

“Son, I wanna go to the lending devision for asking the book which I can’t find out. Maybe it’s borrowed by someone else as last week I saw it. Is it ok?”
“Never mind, you will come again, right?”
“Sure. You may read that books which can help you enough to complete your lessons.

I go to the front side of this place, to the lending devision. I ask the officer, Mrs. Santi, about the book An Outline of English Phonetics, written by Daniel Jones. She says that the book has being lent and maybe will be returned this evening. Oh my God, why can it be happened? Should I come back this evening? Alas... The murder story which Hani told me this morning reappears in my mind. Whether I want or not, I must come this evening, as without that book I have not enough data for my presentation. I turn over, and walk to Soni.

“Is it good Son?”
“Yope, it is very good, but I have no library card, so I can’t borrow it. How about yours?”
“Useless. Mrs. Santi said that the book had being borowed and will be returned this evening. If you want, I will borrow those books for you, do you?”
“Absolutely, do you mind?”
“It’s ok. Besides, I have to come again this evening for the book. Terrible! We have class ten minutes more.”
Soni and I run to the class.

In the evening... at 5.00 p.m
At last, the lesson is over. I stride from my seat towards Soni.
“Son, You want to borrow the books now?”
“Not now, I wanna go home as I should go with my mom to mall. Maybe next time, I want to make my card first to make it easier.”
“Ok, I go, see you...”

I’m out from my class, going to library. The weather is so cloudy, the sky seems so dark. The rain will be coming, I thought,I have to hurry up. Running a little bit, I reach the library. I move to Mrs. Santi directly.
“How about the book mam? Has it being returned?”
“Oh Joe, it’s not, maybe in a minute, around 5.30 p.m.”
“Who borrows it?”
“Sammy, the seventh semester student. He likes borrowing books and return it in time. Just wait.”

Sammy? The story resounds in my mind. Waiting until 5.30 p.m? Half hour later? Oh my’s a curse. The rain will falling soon. Forget it, Joe! there are many people here. Waiting for it, I read some books for preparing my presentation tomorrow. I see my clock, it’s already 6 o’clock. Looking outside, the ran has felt down. I turn over my body. I see a man is talking with Mrs. Santi and returning some books. His face is not so clear as closed by his hat, and my seat is also far from there. Suddenly, he looks at me. His eyes look at me sharply, like eyes of eagle which want to swallow its victim in live. My heart beat so fast. I turn my body over soon. Oh my God... I have to out from here, but...alas! the rain becomes heavier, what should I do? My fear spread to all my body, am I the next one? Calm down Joe, he’s not absolutely the murder.

I turn back my face to Mrs. Santi. Best luck! He’s not there anymore. I move from my seat. But, when I look at the table in the corner, I see a siluet of a man wearing a hat is reading books. That’s him, It’s Sammy! Oh Lord, please help me, I pray. I walk hardly to Mrs. Santi.
“What’s up Joe? You’re so pale!”
“It’s ok mam, maybe feeling cold,” I reply. Am I such scary? That’s make my face turns pale.
“Here’s the book, it’s just returned,” she says and points out to Sammy who is reading a book. "That's Sammy," she adds.
“I’ll take it mam, I want to go home now, it’s too late,” I give my card.
“Ok. But the rain is still falling down outside, so wait it for a while,” she replies.

I’m silent, no answer. Waiting? One minute likes one century for me as there’s a man named Sammy in this building. But never minds, I’ll wait around fifteen minutes, if it’s not subside I must go home before I’m regret.

15 minutes has gone...
The rain is subside and I must go home now. Sammy still concerns with his books. Saying good bye to Mrs. Santi, I walk out from the library. I walk through the rain that seems more heavier. In a same time, I feel there is a couple of eyes watch surreptitiously on me, and I hear foot step following me. From the corner of my eyes, I see vaguely a man wearing a hat walks behind on me. I walk in hurry and at last I reach the main gate, and run to the bus stop which full of people immediately. Looking to the back, I realize that the man is Sammy! Is it true that he’s the murder? In a distance, I see a black car which seems familiar for me moving to the bus stop and stop in front of me.
“Hi Joe, lets get in, it’s too late,” Anti shouts to me and open the door.
“Hi An,” I get in to the car. God bless me.
“Diligent girl, you must be from library, do you?”
“I do, I borrow some books for presentation.”
We are silent for some times.
“An,” I break the solitude. “I’ve known the reasons why you feel surprise that I’m not afraid to go home from library at night. Hani, my classmate, told me.”
“That’s good. She told you all?”
“Without exception. The story from three years ago until last year, including the suspection. Sammy is the contemporary suspection, right?”
“Sammy? Most of people in this campus suspected that Sammy is the murder because he’s very close and familiar with all the victims. He is clever, diligent, generous, so that there are a lot of students, male or female, often ask him about anything. Since the rumours blow up, no body wants to close to him.

(To be continued...)

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Story: Psychopath and Library (2)

By: Yunita Ramadhana

“Ooh... May I ask you?” My mind turns back to the conversation last night.
“Sure, about what?”
“Do you know Anti, the fifth semester student?”
“Of course, why?”
“Last week, I met her in the library. She said that I’m the only one new student who’s not afraid going home from library at night, what’s going on Han?”

She says no words for a while.
“What’s up?”

Taking a long breath, she tries to answer my question.
“Are you sure?”
I nod my head and still thinking what what really happens.
“Around three years ago, there’s a female student found in death in front of our library, with ten stabs around her chest and stomach.”
I’m so surprise! I feel warm and eerie in all my body after hearing that. My heart beats so fast.
“Having investigated, the victim is a new student in this campus.”
“How you know it?” I ask.
“Our senior told me,” she replies.
“Two years ago, the same incident happens again with the same characteristics. She is also a new student, somes from Surabaya and having interest to stay in library for a long time till night. And then, it happens again last year.”

New student? From Surabaya? Library interest? Oh my God, am I the next? That minds remind in my head.
We’re silent for a while. I take long breath, trying to calm my heart beat down. I feel so dying, my throats becomes dry. No words I can say. And now, I understand why Anti asks me such question last week.
“Surprise Joe?”
“Eer...eer...not too much.”
“You really don’t know it Joe?”
“Nope. Have the murdered being arrested?”
“Not yet till now. The police can’t find the murder. He’s too terrific. They guess the murder is the same person and maybe he is a psychopath who kills someone without any reason.”
“Is he a student in this campus?”
“Not clear, maybe yes.”
“Maybe? You have your own prediction, hah?”
“Yeah. Most of students predicted that the murder is Sammy. You know him?”
“Sammy in the seventh semester? who is taciturn and has a little friends, right?”
“How come?”

In a same time, it is heard sound of foot steps come into the room. I see all my friends come in a rush, and Mr. Samson’s figure with his “killer” face comes from behind. But wait! There’s an unknown man, who is so handsome, in tall and proportional stature, following him enters the class. The class turns quiet, and as before the conversation is delayed one more time.

“Morning everybody...”
“Morning sir...”
“Before continuing this lesson, I want to introduce your new friend, his name is Soni, comes from Jakarta,” he points out to the handsome strange man.
“Morning,” he says in a sweet smile on his face.
All the girls in the class whisper each other and keep looking at Soni with full admirity, including me. It cannot be denied that he is so cute, almost perfect. He walks to look for seat and finally decided to sit behind me. The lesson begins...

At 12.30 p.m, the class is over...
Mr. Samson walks out from the class and followed by my friends who are not patient anymore waiting the class to be over. The room is empty. There’s only Hani, Sony_the handsome man_, and me.
“Joe, lets go to canteen, I’m hungry!” Hani says.
“You go first. I wanna go to library, returning my book,” I reply.
“I see,” She says to me and smiling to Soni.

I take my bag, move from my seat and go to library. But suddenly...
“Your name is Joe, right?” a man voice calls me.
“Yeah, my name is Joyce, but our friends call me Joe,” I turn my head.
“May I join with you? I want to look for books to complete my lessons. Would you help this new student please?”
“Of course, but I can’t help you much since I’m also a new one here. I come from Surabaya.”
“Really? But it’s ok. Whatever it is, you are the first than me, isn’t it?”
“Yeah. Let’s go now.”

We walk toward the library. As soon as we arrive, I return the book which I borrow some days ago in order I can borrow another ones. Having done it, Soni and I move to the book shelves which order in arrangement, but can’t change its mysterious image, maybe it is because of the old style architechture of this place. Concerning to the books for fifteen minutes, I find one of my wanted books. While I help Soni looking for his books, I keep concern in looking for one more book which is very important to my presentation, which its “dead line”is only three days in rest, but unfortunately I cannot find it.

(To be continued...)

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Story: Psychopath and Library (1)

By: Yunita Ramadhana

The rain falls on the top of this building. Damn...! Why the rain falls now, I hope not. My assignment has not been completed, meanwhile the “dead line” is closer. I’ve to go home now before the rain turns heavier and the night be darker. I have no guts to stay more longer. Unfortunately, the electricity is switch off in a sudden time, and of course its situation becomes more frighten than before. Come on Joe, hurry up! Take your books and lets get out of here.

I pick all my books up and get up from my seat to the front door. While I’m walking to the main gate of my campus, I reminded of my friend’s story one week ago, a month since I come to the one of universities in this town which is familiar with its sobriquet, the flower city.

“Hi, are you new student? I’m Anti, you?” she asked. That day, 17th July 2003, at 7.00 pm, there is a girl came to my seat in the library and introduced herself.
“ Yope, I’m Joyce. You can call me Joe,” I replied.
“Which faculty?
“Faculty of Literature.”
“Same with me. What semester?”
“Third semester.”
“You are my junior. I’m in fifth semester. By the way, where you come from?”
“Surabaya,” I replied
“Assignment hah?”
“Nope, just looking for the reference for my presentation tomorrow, it’s finished.”

In a same time, I collected all my stationaries.
“Wanna go home now? She asked. “May I join?”
“My pleasure. It’s too late for getting a bus easily.”

Anti, my new friend, and I walked out from there to the main gate.
“I often saw you in library, sometimes till night, reading interest Joe?”
“Yap, I like reading since I was child. Something wrong?”
“Nothing. But, from all the female student in this campus, particularly the new one, it’s only you who gets enough bravery to stay here till night.”
“What’s wrong? There’s a problem?” Finally, we arrive in bus stop.
“Nothing, but... Hey, my bus has come,see you...”
“Hey wait, but what?”

I saw Anti had got in to the bus. In a little time, my bus had also come. On my way, I asked myself what’s the matter. Why all the women in this campus are aware of going to library? What the hell is going on here? Ah, maybe she’s just kidding try to scaring me. Calm down Joe, don’t think about it.

Oh damn! It’s almost one hour, standing in the bus stop, without any bus going to my home pass by. The rain falls very heavily. Suddenly, there’s a car passes and stops directly, then it turns back to me. The window is opened from inside.
“Hi , wanna go home Joe?” Lets get in, I’ll drop you. The rain looks heavier.”
“It’s OK Anti, The bus will come soon.”
“Oh come on, don’t be shy, get in!”

The door opens. It’s better, as the night turns late.
“How’ve you been?” I ask. I didn’t see you for a week.”
“Fine, I didn’t go to campus for a week as I went to Yogya for my cousin’s wedding party. Besides, I wanna take relax, it’s very boring to study all day.”
“It’s nice!”
“Yeah... We take turn or straight Joe?”
“Take turn left and then straight ahead. At the third traffic light, you turn right and straight. My house is at the left side with the blue gate no. 52.”
“I’ll get it!”

On the way, I was reminded again of the Anti’s unclear story last week.
“I wanna ask you Anti.”
“About what?’
“Last week you said that I’m the only one girl who not scare going home at night from library. What’s going on?”

Anti keeps silent without answering my question. It takes a long time till I call her.
“What’s wrong Anti?”
“Eer...eer...eer...nothing. Just asking. Usually, a girl scares going home alone at night, that’s it.”

That’s it? Is it true? There’s something which my senior tries to hid from me. I can see it in her eyes-sight that provide to cover it up. OK, I’ll find the answer by my own way.

“Stop it. It’s my house, we’ve arrived.”
“Oops, sorry. I’m dreaming.”
“Never mind. Would you stay for drinking tea to warm our body, the rain has stopped.”
“Maybe next time Joe, It’s too late! Dag...”
“OK, thanks a lot. Dag...”

I walk in to my house and still thinking what was Anti hidden from me.

Tomorrow morning...
The alarm sound makes me up. Oh God, I’m late. I take a bath in hurry and then go to campus. Oh Alas, traffic again? I’m really late, maybe I’ll miss the first class. Finally, I arrive. Oh Shit! I’m ten minutes in late. I run toward my class. In the class... What happens? There’s only a few people here, where’s the others?

“Morning Hani,” I say. “Where’s the others? Mr. Sastra doesn’t come today?”
“Morning Joe. He’s not well today so he doesn’t come today.”

(To be continued...)

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

ICCR: Application Form


1) Five complete sets of application forms are to be submitted to the Indian Mission.

2) Candidate should clearly mention the course and University to which he/she is seeking admission. The applicants are advised to go through the "University Handbook" available with our Mission before giving these details.

ICCR would not be able to entertain a subsequent change in course of study or University once admission of a scholar is confirmed and the scholar has arrived to join the course.

3) Certified copies of all documents should be accompanied with English translations. A syllabus of the last qualifying examination should be enclosed with the application.


a) Students applying for doctoral/post-doctoral courses or architecture should include a synopsis of the proposed area of research.

b) Students wishing to study performing arts should, if possible, enclose Video/audio cassettes of their recorded performances.

4) Candidates must have adequate knowledge of English.

5) ICCR will not entertain applications which are sent to ICCR directly by the students or which are sent by local Embassy/High Commissions in New Delhi.

6) Priority will be given to students who have never studied in India before.

7) No application will be accepted for admission to courses in medicine or dentistry

8) Candidates may note that Indian universities/educational institutions are autonomous and independent and hence have their own eligibility criteria. Forwarding of applications is thus not a guarantee of admission. A scholarship is awarded only when admission is confirmed by ICCR.

9) Student must carry a proper visa. Scholars for structured undergraduate and postgraduate courses should carry full term "Student Visas" while for Ph. D. students "Research Visas" for a specific period of 4-5 years is required. Students should ensure that they get the correct visa from the Indian Embassy/High Commission. Govt. of India guidelines stipulate that if a scholar arrives without proper visa and his actual admission at the University/Institute does not materialize, he/she will be deported to his/her country.

In the case of students who require Research Visas, an (additional application for the Research Visa has to be filled and submitted in six copies along with six photographs & synopsis. Applicants may note that clearance of Research Visa can take as long as six to eight months.

10) Before departing for India the scholars should seek a full briefing from the Indian Diplomatic Mission in their country about living conditions in India/the details of scholarship/the type and duration of the course to which he/she is admitted. Scholars should inform the Indian Embassy/High Commission of their travel schedule well in advance so that ICCR can make reception and other arrangements for them.

11) Hostel accommodation is not guaranteed and is an exception rather than an assured facility. The accommodation allowance that ICCR gives, allows 2 to 3 students to "chum up", and share a small flat.

12) Scholars are advised to carry some money to meet some incidental expenditure on arrival.

13) All intending candidates should in their own interest obtain a certificate that they are free from AIDS prior to their departure for India. Even in India, the applicant would have to go for AIDS test before the admission is finally given to overseas scholars. In case any of the nominees is found to be HIV positive in India the scholar will be repatriated immediately and the Council would not bear any expenses on this account.

14) The scholars who are awarded scholarships should bring with them all documents relating to their qualifications in original for verification by the respective college/ university at the time of admissions.

15) This application form contains a 'tear-out' sheet at Appendix- 7 titled "Joining Report of the Scholar". This form should not be submitted along with the main application. Instead, the 'Joining Report' form should be removed and submitted to ICCR by the scholar in the event the scholar has been granted scholarship and only after the scholar has joined an educational institute in India. This form should be submitted with the required stamp & signature of the Institute authorities.

16) For information not available in the "Universities Handbook" or from the Indian Missions abroad, applicants are welcome to contact the "ISO Division" at any of the following telephone/e-mail address :-

1. Senior Programme Director (SW) 3379158

2. Programme Director (ISD-I) 3379226

3. Programme Director (ISD-II) 3378079

4. Programme Officer's (ISD-I & II) 3370784

e-mail: 1.


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Scholarship: ICCR

Indian Council for Cultural Relations
50+ Years of ICCR

About the ICCR
The Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), an autonomous organisation of the Government of India, was established in 1950. The objectives of the Council, as defined in its Memorandum of Association, are :
to participate in the formulation and implementation of policies and programmes relating to India’s external cultural relations
to promote cultural exchange with other countries and peoples
to promote and strengthen cultural relations and mutual understanding between India and other countries
to establish and develop relations with national and international organisations in the field of culture.

The Council, with its Headquarters in Azad Bhavan, New Delhi, carries out this mandate of cultural diplomacy through a wide spectrum of activities which include:

A. Programmes Wing:
exchanges of visits by scholars, academicians, opinion-makers, artists & writers
facilitation of the organisation of and participation in seminars and symposia abroad
exchanges of visits by performing arts groups
exchanges of exhibitions
commissioning of busts and statues of Indian leaders for installation abroad
presentation abroad of informatics, audio-visual material, books on India & Indian musical instruments
active collaboration in the operations of some Foreign Cultural Centres in India ( e.g. nine of the thirteen British Libraries in India --- the ones outside the four metropolitan cities --- are run jointly by the ICCR and the British Council )

B. Administration & Education Wing
administering of scholarship schemes for foreign students for studies in India
assisting organisation of and participation in seminars and symposia in India
maintaining the Council’s Regional Offices in India and its Cultural Centres abroad
establishing & maintaining Chairs & Professorships for Indian Studies in Universities abroadaal Centres abroad
administering the Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding
organising the Maulana Azad Memorial Lecture
conducting the Maulana Azad Essay Competition

The Council
>The Council has regional offices in : Bangalore, Calcutta, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Mumbai & Thiruvananthapuram.

>The Council has Cultural Centres abroad in : Georgetown, Paramaribo, Port Louis, Jakarta, Moscow, Berlin, Cairo, London, Tashkent, Almaty, Johannesburg, Durban, Port of Spain & Colombo (in order of establishment)

>The Programmes Wing of the Council can be accessed at two WebSites : : since December 1997 : since January 1999

>Information about studying in India and the more than 700 scholarships under various schemes offered annually by the Council is also accessible on the Internet at : this site maintained by the Ministry of External Affairs. You could e-mail DDG(A) for more information, if required.


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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Profile: Dept .of Engl. and M.E.L.,JMI

Faculty of Humanities and Languages

Dean: Prof. Akhtarul Wasey
Office Telephone Number : +91 (11) 26983578, 26981717 Ext. 2800

The Faculty has seven departments—Arabic, English and Modern European Languages, Hindi, History and Culture, Islamic Studies, Persian, and Urdu—offering programmes in PhD, M.Phil. (Pre-PhD), postgraduate, undergraduate, Diploma and certificate courses. The curricula of the Faculty focus upon the composite nature of the rich and myriad facets of the literature and culture of India.

Department of English and Modern European Languages
Faculty Members Courses Offered Research
Head of the Department: Prof. Shyamala A. Narayan
Office Telephone Number : +91 (11) 26981717 Ext. 2950

When Jamia started at Aligarh in 1921 as an anti-colonial movement, it consciously adopted Urdu, the mother tongue of the people, as the medium of instruction. At the same time, recognising the importance of English, it has been teaching English since 1921. Syed Raouf Pasha, who taught English language and D G Ibsen, who taught Journalism, were Jamia's first English teachers.

The Department has been offering instruction for the award of the degrees of BA (since 1975), and MA (since 1983), MPhil (since 1993) and PhD (since 1988). It became a part of the Faculty of Humanities and Languages in 1985. The department has also been teaching (since 1988) Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses in Russian and French.

At present, it is one of the largest departments in the University, in terms of the number of students enrolled in its programmes. It offers B.A. Hons. (English), MA (English), MPhil (English), MPhil (English Language Teaching) and PhD programmes. It also offers the compulsory paper 'General English' and the optional course 'English Literature' and 'Russian Language' to all the undergraduate students of the faculties of Social science, Natural science, and Humanities and Languages.

The department has scholars from different parts of India and different universities of India and abroad. It has recognised specialists in translation. It has native speakers of Assamese, Bangla, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Urdu, who have expertise in foreign languages like Arabic, French, Korean, Persian, Russian, Sanskrit, apart from English. Its students also hail from most parts of the country.

The Department of English has had visiting faculty members from different foreign universities. It also has many foreign students enrolled in its programmes. In 2000-2001, it had students from Thailand, Indonesia, Yemen, Khazakistan, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan.

Hyphen, the department journal, has 'Poetics and Practice of Translation' as the central theme for 2001. The central theme for its 2002 issue is 'Global Village as Text'.

The English Literary Association (ELA) of the department organizes lectures, talks and performances by eminent scholars, writers and artists from all over the world. ELA organizes functions under the following heads: Talks, Films, Wall journal (The Potters Wheel), Educational Tour, Student’s program, and Competitions. The Department also edits the English section of the Jamia's Annual Students' magazine Tehzeeb .

Sixteen scholars have been awarded PhDs in English for their researches done in this Department.

Courses of Study
Educational Planning and Administration),
Elementary Education
Special Education
B.Ed./B.Ed. (Nursery Education)
B.Ed. (Special Education)
Applied Art
Art Education
Applied Art
Art Education
Diploma in Elementary Teacher Education
Engineering and Technology
M.Sc. (Electronics)
M.Tech (Electrical Energy Systems Management)
M.Tech. (Environmental Science and Engineering)
Electronics & Comm.
Computer Engg
B. Arch.
Electronics & Communication
Computer Engg.

Self-Financing/Evening Programmes
Electronics & Comm. Engg
Computer Engg.
Computer Engg.

Humanities and Languages
English Literature
English Language Teaching
Islamic Studies
B.A. (Hons.)
Arabic/English/Hindi/Persian/ Urdu/Islamic Studies/History
BA/BA (Vocational) Functional Hindi
P.G. Diploma in Mass Media and Creative Writing (Hindi)
P.G. Diploma in TV Journalism
P.G. Diploma in Professional Urdu
Official Languages Hindi
Advance Diploma
Modern Arabic Language & Translation
Modern Persian
Urdu Language & Proficiency
(for foreign students only)
Modern Arabic Language
Modern Persian
Modern Arabic Language
Modern Persian

Natural Science
M.Sc. (Physics)
M.Sc. (Chemistry ) **
M.Sc. Biosciences
M.Sc. Biotechnology (Self-financing)
M.A./M.Sc. (Geography)*
M.A./M.Sc. (Mathematics with Computer Science)
M.Sc. Tech. (Industrial Mathematics with Computer Applications), : (IMCA) (Self Financing)
M.A./M.Sc. Mathematics (Evening/Self-financing)
MCA (Master of Computer Applications)
M.Sc. in Bio-Informatics (Self-financing)
B.Sc. (with Computer Science)
B.Sc. (Hons.)

B.A. /B.Sc. (Hons.) Geography
B.A. Mathematics
B.Sc. Biosciences
B.Sc. Biotechnology (Vocational)
B.Sc. Instrumentation (Vocational)*
P.G. Diploma in Computer Applications
Adv. Diploma in Computer- Assisted Cartography
Adv. Diploma in Remote-Sensing and GIS Applications
* Master of Science degrees shall be awarded to a student who posseses bachelor's degree in Science. Similarly an Arts graduate shall be conferred Masters degree in Arts.
** The Department of Chemistry offers specialization in Material Chemistry (Polymers and Advanced Ceramics), Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry.

B.A., LL.B. (Hons.)

Social Science
Political Science
Social Work
Human Rights & Duties Education

Human Resource Management
MA/M.Sc. (Extension Education)
M.Com. (Business Management)
M.A. in Public Administration (Self-finance)
Master of International Business (MIB) (Self-financing)
B.A. (Hons.)
Political Science
Social Work
B.Com. (Hons.)
B.B.S. (Bachelor of Business Studies) (Hons.)
B.I.B.F (Bachelor of International Business and Finance) (Hons.)
B.A with Computer Applications (BACA)
P.G. Diploma in Human Rights and Duties Education
P.G. Diploma in Counseling Psychology

Mass Communication Research Centre
Ph. D.
M.A. in Mass Communication
PG Diploma in Development Communication
PG Diploma in Maintenance and Operation of Broadcast Equipment

Dr. Zakir Husain Library
B. Lib. & Information Science
(Self-financing/Evening Course)

Jamia Sr. Sec. School I/II Shift
Senior School Certificate
Vocational Commerce Streams
Secondary School Certificate (Class IX-X)
Jamia Middle School
Jamia Nursey School
Other Institutes
Academic Staff College
Academy of Third World Studies
Centre for Coaching and Career Planning
Zakir Husain Institute of Islamic Studies

Admissions 2005-2006

Admissions to all the courses in Jamia Millia Islamia are held annually. Candidates seeking admission to any course are required to submit the prescribed Application Form which may be obtained from the University on payment of the prescribed fees, ot it may be downloaded from this website and submitted alongwith the fees as mentioned in the Prospectus. Only original downloaded Forms should be submitted along with the prescribed fee. The candidates are required to go through an Entrance Test which is followed by an Interview and, in some specific courses, a Group Discussion is also held. The relevant information in this context is available on the following links:

Admission Forms and Prospectus
Extension in date for Submission of Admission Forms of Evening Courses
Results of Admission Entrance Tests 2005-2006

Extension of date for completion of Admission Formalities for Postgraduate Courses in faculties of Humanities & Languages, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences
Revised Schedule for Admission:(BEd., B.Ed.(Spl.), BEd. (Nursery), M.A. (Education) & M.Ed. (Spl. Ed.))
Admission Notice regarding Supernumerary Category

Details of Entrance Test Centres 2005-2006
Entrance Test Syllabi
Revised Schedule of Jamia Schools Admission Test 2005-2006


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Profile: Jamia Millia Islamia University

Jamia Nagar, NewDelhiPh.: 6831717, 6838044, 6835176
Fax: 6821232

The Jamia Millia Islamia was established in 1920 at Aligarh by a group of non-conformist Muslims in response to Gandhiji's call to boycott toBritish Raj run educational institutions in the country. The university depended on public contribution, donation and a monthly grant from the Khilafat Committee to manage its affairs initially. The university struggled to survive as it faced acute paucity of funds. It was through the painstaking efforts of Dr. M.A. Ansari, who travelled all over the country exolaining the importance of Jamia and collecting funds. In 1962 the U.G.C. gave Jamia a "deemed" university status and in 1988 it became a central university. Today, Jamia gives integrated education from Nursery to Ph,D. Admission begins generally in the month of June.

The library system has a collection of 2,55,023 books and subscribers to various educational journals. The courses are conduced under various faculties.

General eligibility criteria for admission in the university:
1. Senior Secondary School certificate (CI-XII) with at least 45% marks in aggregate.
2. For Post-graduate courses, a candidate must score at least 45% marks in the graduate level. Preference may be given for Islamic related studies.

The University offers the following Courses :

1 . B.Sc Engineering (Civil, Electrical & Mechanical)
2. 4 year Bachelor of Engineering(Civil) - Evening Course
3. 3 Year Diploma in Civil Engineering and 3 year Diploma inElectrical
4. 2 Year Certificate in Draughtsmanship(Mech)
5. 2 Year Certificate in Electronics
6. 2 Year Certificate in Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning
7. B.E. Evening Courses in Mechanical & Electrical Engg. Self- Financing Course.

Faculty of Humanities and Languages, Faculty of Social Sciences:
B.A. (Hons) Courses:
(a) Arabic (b) Economics (c) English (d) Geography (e) Hindi (f) History (g) Islamic Studies (h) Mathematics (i) Persian (j) Pol. Science (k) Psychology (1) Social Work (m) Urdu(n) Sociology,

Faculty of Natural Sciences
· 3 Year B.Sc(Hons) in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics &Geography
· 3 Year B.Com (Hons)
· 3 Year B.A. (Pass)
· 3 Year B.Sc(Pass) in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

13. Diploma & certificate Courses: Modern Arabic (one year evening course)

Faculty of Education:
Bachelor of Fine Arts, B.A. (Hons) in Art and Art Education, Diploma in Basic Training (2 year Full Time) Easy Urdu/

Note: Generally, the last dates for submission of application form in the Faculty of Education/Natural Science/Humanities/Language/Social Science are as follows:

Diploma in Basic Training : July, 13
Bachelor of Fine Arts : July, 12
in Arts and Art Edn. : July, 13
B.A./B.Sc/B.Com(Hons) : July, 5
B.A./B.Sc(Pass) : July, 5
Other Dip/Certificate Courses : July, 14

1. Two year M.A. in the following subjects:
(a) Arabic (b) Economics (c) Urdu (d) English (e) Geography (f) Hindi (g) History
(h)lslamic Studies (g) Persian (h) Pol. Science (i) Social Work (j)Sociology (k) Psychology (1) Maths

2. M.Com. (2 years course)
3. Bachelor of Law.
4. Dip. in Computer Applications.
5. Post Graduate Dip. in Cartography (One year course).
6. Dip. in Modern Arabic/French/Russian (One year course).
7. Dip. in Urdu Language proficiency (One year course for the students).
8. Bachelor of Library Science and Information Science.

I. Faculty of Humanities and Languages:
a) Arabic (b) English (c) Hindi (d) Urdu (e) History (f) Islamic (g) Persian

2. Faculty of Social Sciences:
(a) Economics (b) Pot. Science (c) Social Work (d) Sociology
(e) Psychology (f) Commerce.

3. Faculty of Natural Sciences:
(a) Chemistry (b) Geography (c) Mathematics (d) Physics
(e) Bio-Sciences.


1 . Bachelor of Education(Full time one year course)
2. Master of Education ( Full time one year course)
3. M.A. (Education) Planning & Administration (Full time two years course)
4. M.A. {Education) Full time two years preparation of teacher course
5. Advanced Diploma in Special Education (Full time one year course)
6. Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A) in Applied Arts (Full time two year course)
7. Master of Fine Art in Painting(M.F.A.) (Full time two year course)
8. Master of Fine Art in Sculpture (Full time two years course)


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