Friday, November 24, 2006

Film: Casino Royale part II - 007

Daniel Craig: The New Bond has Come?

Having watched this film, which had its premier in India on November 17, I'm still not change my mind about the new 007. Even, I don't understand why this Ian Fleming's work does not like its previous? Does he or the director want to change the images of James Bond? There's one thing that I want to say, It's not like Bond!

Every fans of Bond knows that Bond is a cool man. Whatever he did, he did it smoothly. He always keep smiling to everyone, even to his enemies. He is not arrogant, egois, cruel and rough. He is very cool, elegant, flamboyant, and can make every woman falls in love with him. But, this new Bond? Oh my God, I can't find the soul of Bond at this new Bond. What happened? In this new Bond, I just can find the cruel, arrogant, egois and rough Bond, and he is too serious, like I said in my last comment about this new Bond.

When I watched this movie, I think I didn't watch Bond Movie, I just watched an usual action film. There's no identity of Bond. In this film, I saw Bond is somewhat stupid. Why? Is it reasonable to give our password to someone whom we don't know exactly? He's an experienced secret agent! How come he did it? He did it because he felt in love with the girl, Eve Green. This is also not the image of Bond. Everybody knows that Bond never falling in love. He always has secret love, but not falling in love.

It's also not using hi-tech as always done before. Even, his car is like a custom car! There's no facilities inside the car, while in its promotion, they said that look at the new Bond's car. There's nothing special with that car. It is just a good car. May be the Director wants to make this film becomes down to earth, but what is the result. As a Fan of Bond, I'm not satisfy with this film. It's not Bond, it's just an action film like others.

Whatever it is, I give my best remarks to the Director who was success to make this film becomes Box-Office in the matter of the controversy among the Bond's Fans who are not accept Daniel Craig as a New Bond. Finally, I may say that it's right to make this film doesn't like its previous, since Daniel Craig doesn't have a good face to become like the previous Bond. His face is too cruel. If the Director asked him to do like previous Bond did, it will become a comedy not an action.

How about the next, who will become James Bond?

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Film: Casino Royale - 007

Casino Royale: Daniel Craig as Bond or the Film Itself?

Welcome the new Bond... Actually It's the word that want to say by those who are very attracted in this kind of film. But, what is expected does not like what is happened. There are so many contradiction in making this film. The Fans of Bond feel not satisfy by the figure who acts as the 007. They said that he's not a right figure to be James Bond. Even, the Hollywood actress, Aishwarya Ray, refused the role as the Bond's girl! What happened with Bond?

But, it's before the grand opening of this movie. After the grand opening, some people, even one of my friends, said that it's a good film, but not good actor. So, there's a big question mark which rises in my mind. Do they watch this film to see the new Bond as done before? Or, Do they watch this film to see the other work of Ian Fleming? Only you can answer it. If you ask me, I'll say that I watch this film as it is a good film, not because of Daniel Craig. I say that since I see that Daniel Craig can't represent the real soul of the Bond, as done by the last Bonds. He doesn't have a good face, eyes and smile to be acted as tne next 007, the 'Don Juan' figure. His face, eyes and smile are too serious, while the real Bond is a joyful figure. What about you?

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