Sunday, March 11, 2007

Reflection: Nothing, just dust

Nothing, Just Dust

Reading one of visitors’ blog who visits my own blog, it opens my heart and mind, and makes me realizes that actually human is nothing. We are not more than dust that always gone with the wind trying to find out a right place to stop and finally we find that there is no other place than earth. So that, as a human, we should not be arrogance and thinking that we are the best, as in the end, we will come back to earth. Here is the complete text that I have translated into English:

I’m no more than dust which adheres on the branch of tree. As dust, it is not appropriate if I am side by side with the green leaves, blossom flowers, fresh fruits, the strong stem, root, and branches of a tree. However, dust is still dust that always follows the wind and adheres on the green leaves, flowers, tree, and so on.

I am no more than dust that adheres on the bough of the tree, which is anytime can be lost in the rain and down to earth. Actually, the essence of the dust is ground. It is only because of the arrogance that makes dust leaving, for becoming free and gone with the wind. But at the end, it will come back again to earth, as it is its destiny.

I am dust on the tree, and till this time can see how the green bud grows from the branch, and then becomes yellow, and finally fall down to earth. As dust, I also can see how the bud grows up and then crack apart becoming a fresh fruit. I also can see how the fruits are picked by human or ate by bats and birds, and even which falls down to earth as it is already spoiled.

Besides, I also can see how the branch becomes old and dry, and finally peeled off and falling down to earth.

I don’t know, whether the rain will makes me down to earth, or the old and dry branch which I adhere to will makes me fall down, or maybe the wind will take me and put me on the other tree. Nobody knows…as the future is a bundle of many possibilities.

By this, I realize that not only the dust that come back to earth, but also the leaves, beautiful flowers, fresh fruits, even the stem and any part of the tree. It is only a matter of time.

I am just dust on the tree. But I’m not a usual dust, I’m a witness of history. I have witted the born, the death, leaving and coming. I am dust that feel how happy and amazing the birth and coming, how hurt and sad the death and leaving. But, it is the way of life, birth is followed by death, and coming is followed by leaving.

I also like that, I born and come. And in one time, I will die and gone. It is just a matter of time.

The birth is followed by death, and death will be followed by the new birth.
The coming is followed by leaving, and leaving will be followed by the new coming.
It is just a matter of time…

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Poem: If

By: Yunita Ramadhana

If there is a woman loves you deeply, it is me
If there is a man who means everything to me, it is you
If there is a true love in this world, it is mine
If there is a love that I want, it is yours

If there is no light in your day, I would be
If there is no rain in your earth, I would be
If there is no stars in your sky, I would be
If there is no flowers in your path, i would be

If there is a friend betrays another, I won't
If there is a couple betrays each other, I won't
If the world gives you nothing, i will give you everything
And if there is no if in your life,
I will be your if...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007
At 12.45 a.m.
Okhla, New Delhi

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Monday, February 26, 2007

The cheapest car in the world

The cheapest car in the world will be available in India
By Eko Murwanto
Translated by Yunita Ramadhana

18-Feb-2007, 05:14:35 WIB - [www.kabarindonesia. com]

The great will from almost people in this world who are still using the two-wheels vehicle (like motorcycle) is changing it with four-wheels vehicle (car). Not at the long times, it will be like “dream comes true”, at least for the Indian people.

It is Tata Motors Ltd which will realize it. Tata Motors which has TELCO (Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company) as its name before, is a great company in India which produces cars and others commercial automotives, and also placed the fifth position in the list of the great producers in the world. Tata Motors is the branch of Tata and Sons Group, which was established by Jamsetji Tata, and led by Ratan Tata at this time.

Ratan Tata’s old dream is to produce cars with cost only Rs. 1 Lakhs (around US$2200). Lakh is a term in Indian currency and another countries in South Asia. 1 Lakh balances with one hundred thousands rupees. 1 rupee is around Rp. 200,- (Indonesian currency). It means that the price of this new car producing by Tata Motors is not more than Rp. 20 million. It is a “amazing” price for those who are dreaming to have a new car.

It is absolutely become the cheapest cars in the world. Nowadays, in Indonesia, it is almost impossible to get a second hand car in good condition only by Rp.20 millions, but Tata will give a “fresh from the oven”car by that price. When Tata Groups’ director announces it in front of his stock holders, he said that this new car will give a revolution for Indian society. There’s no doubt for it. It will be a great revolution not only for Indian society but also for the world. These. Rs. 1 lakh cars like a “dream” for millions people who can’t buy a car because of its high price.

They keep going with this plan though there are so many doubts from its rivals, including Suzuki Motor Corporation which thinks that it is not possible to produce a car in that price. But, Tata is quiet confident about it and said that in its launching every doubts will be answered automatically. Ratan Tata states that its launching will become a new paradigm in terms of private transportation by its cheap cost, creating a new market segment and reaching the low society level.

Tata Motors has planning to launch this Rs. 1 lakh car which has “compact car type” in 2008. The designing process has been done and now its prototype is in examining process, it is only to skim the negative arguments that this project is too ambitious to be realized. These four-door cars which have capacity for 5 persons and with its maximum rear engine 30 HP will take us to the period of Beetle. This car is not scooter, three-wheeler, or auto-rickshaw that will be changed into car. The first type will be launched in petrol version, and then in diesel version. It will be the cheapest cars but without high speed such in available cars, however, it has CVT technology (Continously Variable Transmission) in which does not need any change in gearing.

These cars will be exported to the developing countries including Indonesia, depending on its success in distributing it in India. As the part of Tata’s planning to make cars in low cost, it also keeps probing the possibility to produce cars in such plastics material providing by General Electric (GE). While, this RS. 1 lakh cars are made of steel.

This car is two times cheaper than the cheap cars in India, so it is possible for low level society to get it. For those who are still going somewhere by using motorcycle and feeling the sun-light in their face and sniffing the dust, they will get the alternative to change it into this car. These cheapest cars will be appeared in Indian traffic and another developing countries including Indonesia. But, there’s a question will come after this, “Is it possible for the traffic life to receive so many kind of those cars?”

Eko Murwanto, Roorkee - India.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

No more hoping

No More Hoping

I'm no longer believe
By whatever you gave
I'm staying here, dying
Waiting for my death

I'm no longer believe
By the use of the sun
Which used to can light my life,
The darkness of my heart.

Why is suffering there?
If the happiness can be touched
Why is the black there?
If the white is joyful

I will be going without revenge
To try accepting my defeatness
I will be going without revenge
And respecting your victory

You taught me happiness
You taught me suffering
You showed me happiness
You showed me suffering

There's no more hoping
Just waiting for the dark
Till at a certain time
There's no love I can get, touch, and feel...

This is a translation of Indonesian Song "Berhenti Berharap". I like its lyrics, that's why I translate it to English. May Eross 'Sheila on 7' doesn't mind about it.

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Film: Casino Royale part II - 007

Daniel Craig: The New Bond has Come?

Having watched this film, which had its premier in India on November 17, I'm still not change my mind about the new 007. Even, I don't understand why this Ian Fleming's work does not like its previous? Does he or the director want to change the images of James Bond? There's one thing that I want to say, It's not like Bond!

Every fans of Bond knows that Bond is a cool man. Whatever he did, he did it smoothly. He always keep smiling to everyone, even to his enemies. He is not arrogant, egois, cruel and rough. He is very cool, elegant, flamboyant, and can make every woman falls in love with him. But, this new Bond? Oh my God, I can't find the soul of Bond at this new Bond. What happened? In this new Bond, I just can find the cruel, arrogant, egois and rough Bond, and he is too serious, like I said in my last comment about this new Bond.

When I watched this movie, I think I didn't watch Bond Movie, I just watched an usual action film. There's no identity of Bond. In this film, I saw Bond is somewhat stupid. Why? Is it reasonable to give our password to someone whom we don't know exactly? He's an experienced secret agent! How come he did it? He did it because he felt in love with the girl, Eve Green. This is also not the image of Bond. Everybody knows that Bond never falling in love. He always has secret love, but not falling in love.

It's also not using hi-tech as always done before. Even, his car is like a custom car! There's no facilities inside the car, while in its promotion, they said that look at the new Bond's car. There's nothing special with that car. It is just a good car. May be the Director wants to make this film becomes down to earth, but what is the result. As a Fan of Bond, I'm not satisfy with this film. It's not Bond, it's just an action film like others.

Whatever it is, I give my best remarks to the Director who was success to make this film becomes Box-Office in the matter of the controversy among the Bond's Fans who are not accept Daniel Craig as a New Bond. Finally, I may say that it's right to make this film doesn't like its previous, since Daniel Craig doesn't have a good face to become like the previous Bond. His face is too cruel. If the Director asked him to do like previous Bond did, it will become a comedy not an action.

How about the next, who will become James Bond?

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